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Clive Barker's Pinhead WIP

A work in progress Zbrush sculpt of Clive Barker's Pinhead from the Hellraiser Films.

Josh simon pinhex 11

Even more detail added to the main subject.

Josh simon pinhex 12

Here I've added in the basic pedestal and base. I'll work on these after the main subject is completed.

Josh simon pinhex 10

Addition details added.

Josh simon pinhex 9

Here I've started adding in detail to the clothing

Josh simon pinhex bust wip 7

Additional view.

Josh simon pinhex bust wip 7v2

Here I've add in details and started to flesh out the bottom clothing.

Josh simon pinhex wip 3

Here I'm adjusting the face to match the subject.

Josh simon pinhex bust

Adding in features, this is just roughing out placement and making sure the anatomy of the face is correct.

Josh simon pinhex start

The very start of the project, after using the move tool to get rough proportions. Project start date 11/28/16